Drama Scenes Reel (4:39)

Some scenes from the theatrically released rom com Love's Kitchen, featuring a terrific cast from top to bottom including Dougray Scott (Enigma, Mission Impossible II), Peter Bowles (Blowup, The Bank Job) Claire Forlani (Mystery Men, The Medallion) and Simon Callow (Amadeus, Shakespeare in Love).

Screen legend Sylvia Syms OBE ( Ice Cold in ALex, The Queen) stars in Booked Out opposite Mirren Burke and Rollo Weeks (The Little Vampire, Girl With a Pearl Earring).

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XOXO Montage Reel (Various formats 2005-2012)

Love's Kitchen (dir. James Hacking, Red One, 2011)

Booked Out (dir. Bryan O'Neil, Red One, 2011)

13HRS (dir. Jonathan Glendening, Red One, 2009)

This Much I Remember (dir.Anthony Klein, EX-1 Letus, 2009)

The Princess of Selkirk Ave (dir. Jill Riley, s16mm, 2008)

By Charlie Walker (dir. Rebecca Sernasie, 35mm, 2006)

The Ascension Agency (dir. Ged Cleugh, HDCam, 2009)

The Fur Store (dir. Joe Pingue, 35mm, 2003)

Sam's Lake (dir. Andrew Christopher Erin, 35mm, 2002)

S.N.U.B! (dir. Jonathan Glendening, HD, 2008)

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